How to Edit Your Photos for Instagram (& include your username to AVOID theft)

Instagram is a magical place with colorful and beautifully curated photos, especially during summer vacation. It’s the perfect time to post a picture of the beach, a friends’ outing, family nights, tourist attractions, and more.

Many have asked me about my edits and how I manage to keep a theme; well today, I’m hoping to share a few apps and tips to spark up your images! In addition to editing photos, it’s important to add your username at the corner, bottom – basically anywhere on the photo.

As Instagram continues to expand, unfortunately, there are also trolls and imposters behind its magical world, who are willing to steal your photos. It’s easy enough to simply screenshot an image. 

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Tips on Keeping a Theme: 

  • Try using the same filter for each photo
  • Use similar backgrounds / colors / objects Now having the exact same objects in every photo isn’t too apealing to the eye. For example, if your account focuses on books, then that should be a constant object throughout the photo. It doesn’t have to be the same book. 
  • Have the same layout or flatlay
  • (Evenly) space out crowded / less-crowded photos It doesn’t have to be perfectly arranged but put some thought into it! 

Editing Apps 

For the past year, I’ve experimented with numerous apps and softwares. Many of them that went unused were deleted but here are my all-time favorites!


Without this, I don’t know where I’d be. This is a powerful app that allows you to do all sorts of edits – kind of like a mini Photoshop. I mainly use this because of its brushes, which gives photos an artsy look or if I want to add an overlay of another photo.


Not many know about this, but it was created by Tezza Barton (@tezza), who slays every post. This app is my favorite place for filters!


If used right, this could be a life-saver for all your posts. You can go from a dark, unfocused photo to a bright and aesthetic photo. Although, it takes a bit of time to use as there are so many options, it has lots of potential, especially for the not-sure-if-I’m-posting photos.


One of the more popular apps! It’s often used for dust effects, and light streaks. I’m usually going for a natural look, but if a photo is in portrait mode, I love adding a rustic look to it. 


This app includes stunning filters. It’s definitely worth the investment to buy the full version. If you’re unable to, that’s okay too! There’s always a few filters and other features you can use.

Adding Your Username

Now that I’ve spilled all my editing secrets tips, here’s one more app that will allow you to add text. 


It’s simple and easy to use. Make sure to have a few fonts downloaded beforehand; these can be from or a similar website. 


I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Not sure how to use these apps? Check this out.

How long is your editing process?

I take about 1-1.5 hours. You’ll find me adding doodles, altering colors, and planning my instagram theme.

3 thoughts on “How to Edit Your Photos for Instagram (& include your username to AVOID theft)

  1. This is a really interesting post! I use Lightroom and find it so powerful! I then use another filter, always the same, to have a cohesive feed. I think I take 2 hours a week to edit all the pictures.


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